Lauren + Eric: Vail, Colorado Adventure Session

February 12, 2018

You know the old label ‘the one who got away’ we use for lovers we never got closure with? I feel like that can apply to friends as well. Those gems of people who we’re really close to and love dearly for a season. Then for whatever reason we lose touch with them, but wish we hadn’t and really miss having them in our lives. This Colorado adventure session is all about that.

This applies to Lauren. She is one of my oldest friends from High school who, for a long time was like a little sister to me. Then we all went away for college and just sort of lost touch. I’d admire her free spirit and exciting life from afar (thanks Facebook). But never got a chance to rekindle our relationship, always living in different states. So when she reached out to me to shoot her wedding in Colorado I was beyond ecstatic. I knew she was madly in love, with whom I assumed was an incredible man. And I was so excited for a chance to meet him and spark our old flame.

I met Lauren and Eric in their little mountain town just outside of Vail for the most magical Autumn wedding weekend. They let me into their lives and after 5 minutes it was like no time had passed between us. Lauren was still the sassy and witty, but huge hearted person I remembered, and Eric was warm and welcoming and as generous as could be. We hiked up some big hills (which killed my sea level lungs), celebrated their incredible love story with their friends and family, and finished the weekend with a magical day after session with mountain views in every direction, barely escaping a massive rainstorm right at sunset.

I’ll be sharing their actual wedding shortly, but I just couldn’t wait to get these fun shots up here. Thank you again to Lauren and Eric for letting me into your life again for the weekend. I love you two and aren’t letting you go again!

Adventure elopement in Vail, Colorado

  1. Lauren Gotthelf says:

    i love EVERYTHING about this blog post and i love you!!! ps – eric works with someone getting married in Portland and we were like ummmm hi we have the name of the best photographer ever… so hopefully she contacts you!


  2. payton marie says:

    these are beyond gorgeous!! I love all the joy and emotion! beautifully captured!

  3. Evrim Icoz says:

    The ones on the rocks! Wow! Lovely job and I love the earrings she chose as well. Great job Kate!

  4. Dijana says:

    Woah! I am so impressed by this location and how adventurous and loving couple seems to be. Love it so much!

  5. These two are SO adorable! Love it!

  6. Katy Weaver says:

    Vail is so pretty and I love these so much! It’s such a quintessential Colorado engagement session!

  7. Wow, so beautiful! These photos are totally amazing!

  8. This is so beautiful! You really captured their connection. Love the warm tones! Your editing is so great!

  9. karra tipton says:

    oh my goooosh, giving me all the feels because im moving to colorado in april!! I LOVED her white dress. What a perfect adventure session!!

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