Lauren + David: Portland Winter Engagement

January 5, 2017

Lauren and David were in Portland for the Holidays visiting family. We made plans to get together and shoot engagement pictures in Washington Park to take advantage of the greenery. After weeks talking back and forth about the cute dresses Lauren could wear, it became clear our shoot date wasn’t going to be dress weather, and Lauren said, I think we’ll be wearing cute coats! I was a little worried the morning we met because it was freezing and they had just flown in from Southern California. These two rocked it though! After shooting for a while in coats they decided to be brave and put on a pretty dress and suit comb. And while they both looked amazing, they never complained when I asked them to hug or hold each other tight 😉 I had so much fun shooting with these two, it’s hard for me to not say something cheesy about how love keeps you warm, or how these two were on fire despite the cold… so I’ll just leave you with a million pictures instead 😉

I sort of love that you can actually see their breath in the photos above! After we were done shooting in Washington Park we headed to downtown Portland to the pearl district, so that everyone could warm up with a big cup of coffee! We also had to sneak a few more photos in because they had a super cute outfit left, that it had been way too chilly to shoot in earlier in the morning. Luckily no one else was trying to sit outside that afternoon…

Thanks again for being incredible you two! Now move to Portland!

  1. Katie says:

    What a gorgeous couple! I love all these locations you chose, and their outfits are on point. Beautiful photos, you’re amazing!

    • Kate Daigneault says:

      Thanks Katie! I was pretty obsessed with their outfits too, probably why I couldn’t stop shooting!

  2. Jessi says:

    Great pictures! The dress was gorgeous! You couldn’t even tell that it was freezing out.

  3. These are so gorgeous and so are they!! So glad they braved the cold because her dress is beautiful!

  4. Maliha says:

    Lovely photos! There was this one time someone asked me to take their engagement photos, and I was scared stiff, and thankful that in the end it didn’t work out… LOL. This scares me =( How do you guys even do it?!

  5. I love her dress!! 😍😍 such a cute couple and great snaps!

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