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No babies in awkward baskets, just the real, raw moments that will break your heart into A million pieces daily. 

This little nugget is Evie. I was honestly never a baby person, until I met her. Eating baby toes and squishing baby cheeks were never things I enjoyed. 

When she came into this world she reframed every single thought I'd ever had towards babies. She also changed the way I thought about photographing babies and mothers. I didn't just want photos of what she looked like, I wanted to capture the interaction, the little things she did that I wanted to remember every step of the way. How she'd play with my hair when she nursed, how she curled up into a tree frog when sleeping on my chest, how her little mouth hung open and she smiled in her sleep. I wanted photos of us together that would immortalize how it felt to have her newborn head on my bare chest, skin to skin trying to remain one person as long as we could.

Now that she's a toddler I want photos of us cracking eggs together in the morning or me helping her learn to put on her shoes. Dancing in the kitchen to the Elmo Slide. Riding her first bike and picking wildflowers together in the Spring.

It's easy to take quick snaps of your babes in these moments with your phone constantly within hands reach. But what I want for you is to be in these photos with them. You work and love so hard and your presence in their lives at this stage deserves to be captured. When you pass the photos we create down to an older version of your baby, they're going to be excited to see you with them in the moment, laughing with your eyes full of pride.

Tell me the moments and feelings YOU hope to immortalize with your babies. Let's capture those.

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I'm Kate

Maternity through their first birthday. The first year of your babies life is a whirlwind. It's messy, it's foggy, it's beautiful and it's astounding. You and your baby are growing and changing everyday together. This collection will help you capture that and remember how it felt in each phase. The tiny fingers wrapped around yours while feeding, the first sleep smiles to the first attempt to crawl and walk while holding your hand for safety. The changing hairline, their chubby cheeks covered in their first taste of avocado and the ever changing way you show each other love as you grow together. 

first year collection

Maternity, newborn, 4-6months, their first birthday. Four separate sessions through out the year, to be used as you please 

An album at the end so your favorite photos get printed, since I know how daunting that is to do. 

-Four separate photo sessions
-One online gallery to keep them all organized
-A beautiful 30 page linen album as a physical keepsake


{ a $3250 value }


Those first few weeks with the tiniest love of your life are like nothing else. They're hard, no doubt. But they are also stunning. Your heart will grow and burst and put itself back together a million times a day. You made a human, with your body! You are working around the clock to keep them alive. It may seem thankless until you feel the warmth of their tiny head on your chest, or when just the smell of you entering the room calms them down in the dark. You are their world in every way. I want to not just capture their tiny toes, but the connection you share that simply can't be described until you've experienced it yourself.

I get that babies need feedings, diaper changes, they cry and need breaks. I don't want you to feel rushed or flustered. I'll shoot until I feel like we've captured it all, and leave when I can tell everyone is done. Newborn sessions don't have a time limit, but they typically run 2-3 hours. Everyone is usually at their best in your home where it is warm and familiar. So in most cases I'll come to you. 


The Family

All the other phases of childhood and motherhood deserve capturing just as much as the newborn days. Just as much change, growth, and heart-melt. The milestones, the new adventures and the familiar hugs. Let's capture your family in the everyday magic or in the world doing something you love together. Let's allow kids to be kids. Play, create, explore or squeeze in around the table for Sunday morning pancakes. A romantic maternity shoot in the Summer, belly kissed by wildflowers. Let's focus less on forced smiles and matching outfits and instead create memories while capturing them at the same time. 

Family sessions average 1.5 hours and can take place in your home or an outdoor location. Studio sessions available for an extra cost.  

-Infants & toddlers
-Families of 5 or fewer


More about the process

After choosing which type of shoot is best for your family we decide on a date. I'll send a contract over for the date and take a 50% retainer to reserve it. As the date gets closer I'll send out a little questionnaire that will help me prepare to capture your family. If you'd like help with outfit choices, I'm here to offer advice. And lastly we'll pick a final time to meet for the shoot depending on the weather and sunset time on your chosen date. Photos from the shoot are delivered within four weeks via a beautiful online gallery that you can download and make prints from.

Prices are for sessions within one hour of Hood River, OR. Portland area included. Travel to the coast and other areas available for an additional cost. Inquire for a specific quote.

Albums available a la carte starting at $650